Dr. Philips Vermonte

Dr. Philips Vermonte is an expert in political affairs. His interests include comparative politics, non-traditional security issues in Southeast Asia, Indonesia’s foreign policy and conflict studies.

To date, Philips has been active as a speaker at international conferences. His papers include “Decentralization in Indonesia and the Philippines: a Comparative Analysis”, presented at the 2006 Midwest Political Science Association (MWPSA) Annual Conference, Chicago (2006); “Islamic Publishing in Indonesia: Towards a Print Culture?”, presented at the National University of Singapore (2006) and University of Michigan (2006); “The prospect of democratization in Indonesia”, presented at the 19th Asia Pacific Roundtable, Kuala Lumpur (2005); and “From violence to voting: a study of conflict and election in four post conflict areas in Indonesia”, presented at the Fourth Euroseas (European Association for Southeast Asian Studies) Conference, Sorbornne-Paris (2004).

His latest publications include “Indonesia’s 2014 Election: Practical Innovation and Optimistic Outcomes”, Asian Politics and Policy (vol.7/2, 2015); “What Happened in the Early Years of Democracy: Indonesia’s Experience” (co-authored with Rizal Shiddiq), in Ishac Diwan (ed.), Understanding the Political Economy of the Arab Uprisings (World Scientific: New Jersey, 2014); “The Increased Number of Female Members of Parliament: Identifying its origins and obstacles in Indonesia, the Philippines and Timor Lester”, Working Paper, (published by USAID and Kemitraan, 2014); “What Happened in the Early Years of Democracy: Indonesia’s Experience” (co-authored with Rizal Shiddiq), Middle East Development Journal (vol.5/1, 2013).

Since 2012, Philips has involved in such projects as:

  • CSIS National Census of Four Political Parties, February 2015
  • CSIS National Survey on Political Preference, Social Capital and Religious Tolerance, January/February 2012
  • CSIS National Survey on Legislative and Parliamentary Elections, July 2012, March 2013, November 2013, March 2014
  • CSIS Exit Poll and Quick Count on the Legislative Election, April 2014
  • CSIS Exit Poll and Quick Count on the Presidential Election, September 2014
  • CSIS Survey on the Local Election in DKI Jakarta, April 2012
  • CSIS Survey on the Local Election in DKI Jakarta, May 2012
  • CSIS Telephone Survey on the Local Election in DKI Jakarta, June 2012
  • Survey on Women’s Rights and Religious Tolerance in 8 provinces, CSIS-The Asia Foundation, July-August 2012
  • Clean Governance Study, AusAid, May-August 2012


  • Bachelor’s degree in International Relations, University of Padjajaran, Bandung, Indonesia
  • Master’s degree in Politics, University of Adelaide, Australia
  • Doctoral degree in Political Science, Northern Illinois University, Dekalb, USA

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