Kiroyan Partners was established in November 2016, so we are well on our way toward our twelfth anniversary. Times have changed and we need to revisit how we present ourselves in a way that is readily understood within the contemporary context.

We have decided to describe ourselves exactly in terms of what we do, which is Public Affairs. To reflect this, we modified our logo.



Unlike conventional understanding of Public Affairs that used to refer to lobbying activities or government relations only, we adhere to the current understanding of the concept as the corporate function that deals with the non-market aspects of business by using responsible and ethical communications.

Our two core principles, ethical business conduct and professionalism, remains unchanged. They will always guide us in serving our clients. Our approaches toward finding solutions, which sets us apart from the rest, have not changed either. We still primarily use stakeholder analysis as our analytical tool and continue to adopt a multi-disciplinary perspective taking into account that the communication process takes place within, and interacts with socio-political and economic dynamics.

The evolved brand identity will be rolled out to all Kiroyan Partners products and collaterals as per April 25, 2018.

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