The Minimum Service Standards Capacity Development Program (MSS-CDP) aims to help ensure that quality standards of basic education are met across Indonesia thus addressing regional disparities in the provision of quality education. However, parents and local communities are usually not aware of the existence of the standard, which is their and their children’s right. Furthermore, as education is decentralized, it is up to every District Government to implement the standards. Hence, the program needed a communication component to achieve its objective.

Our Approach
A two-pronged campaign combining awareness building and advocacy campaign was developed to pressure and incentivize local governments to apply minimum service standards. The multi-channel strategy included more than 30 activities to ensure national and local outreach,  combining the production and dissemination of digital and conventional media. The awareness program centred on a YouTube video series called “Murid 5” (Five Students).

Awareness of Basic Education Minimum Service Standards (BE MSS) have increased, with episodes of the YouTube series reaching up to 200,000 views. Furthermore, a number of local governments have shown their commitment by integrating the BE MSS into local regulations.

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