Rahmad Budi Harto

A journalist by trade, Rahmad’s deep passion in journalism sparked when he was still in high school, persevered at the university, and matured as it became his choice of career despite having obtained prestigious degree in aeronautics engineering from the Bandung Institute of Technology. Born in Yogyakarta, Rahmad grew up and spent the first 25 years of his life in the city of Yogyakarta before moving to Jakarta to work as a reporter for Republika, one of the major newspapers in the country. After close to 10 years working as a journalist, Rahmad felt that it is time to apply his social and political analysis skills as well as his deep understanding of the media as a Senior Consultant at Kiroyan Partners.
Working as a reporter and later as an editor provided Rahmad with the opportunity to understand and delve into a variety of issues of public interest. Rahmad covered going from politics, to human rights, finance and stock market issues. But one key interest that he has developed over the years is in geopolitics and civil-military relations which had triggered him to pursue a master’s degree in Defense Management. This interest first grew when he covered defense cooperation agreements between Indonesia and Singapore in 2006-2007 that eventually failed.

Rahmad also has a deep knowledge about finance and banking. In 2008, he extensively reported about the financial crisis and its impacts on Indonesia’s stock market and banks. This has enabled him to develop a good understanding of economic issues and it was no surprise that he was later appointed as editor of the special economic section at Republika. Equipped with his familiarity in finance issues and his experience working in the media, Rahmad was involved as a freelance media consultant for Bank Indonesia and the Ministry of Finance prior to joining Kiroyan Partners.


  • Master of Arts in Defense Management, Indonesia Defense University, Jakarta, Indonesia.
  • Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering in Aeronautics Engineering, Bandung Institute of Technology, Bandung, Indonesia.

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