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Intan first found her calling in the consulting industry when she was working as an intern at Kiroyan Partners. Her invaluable experience in the industry made her decide to pursue a consulting career once she obtained her bachelor degree in communications. She joined a local public relations agency to further enrich her knowledge and experience through various strategic communications projects. When the opportunity came, she finally decided to re-join Kiroyan Partners’ team, this time as a consultant. Her enthusiasm to learn, conscientiousness, and her attention to details have become a great contribution to Kiroyan Partners’ team.


Intan kicked start her professional career as a Senior Client Executive at a public relations agency, where she served in her role for more than four years. In May 2022, she re-joined Kiroyan Partners’ consulting team where she had worked as an intern during her university days.

During her time working at the public relations agency, Intan has enrichened her problem solving and project management skills. She assisted clients in various public relations and public affairs project, from strategic communications planning, issue and stakeholders mapping, media engagement, to crisis handling. She also had the opportunity to work with clients from various industry, such as banking, insurance company, and technology companies from early-stage start-ups to a billion-dollar decacorns.

Research is something that is close to her since she was a student, with her involvement in a Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD)-funded joint-research program for two consecutive years. The research focused on public sphere and online activism in Indonesia as well as Germany, where the final project was presented at Universität Erfurt’s Fall School Program.


Bachelor of Communications from the University of Padjadjaran, Indonesia (2017).

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