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Kiroyan Partners is a corporate communications and public affairs consulting firm that helps businesses improve their relationships with stakeholders and enhance their reputations.

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  • Stakeholder Relations
    Stakeholder Relations

    At Kiroyan Partners, we believe that every organization has a unique relationship with its stakeholders. We take the time to learn each of our clients’ stakeholder relationships, as well as their specific needs and interests, and provide our clients’ managers with practical information to help them build lasting, beneficial relationships with stakeholders.

  • Public Affairs
    Public Affairs

    Our public affairs services are designed to help companies build and maintain a solid reputation in the marketplace, respond quickly and effectively to crises, and gain public attention and support. Our expert team of public affairs and communications work closely with clients to help them understand the intricacies of different business landscapes and strategically address issues of public interest.

  • Media Relations
    Media Relations

    Successful businesses have one thing in common: a good reputation. That’s why our media relations department works closely with clients to help them establish and maintain positive relationships with the media. Our work helps companies clearly communicate their values, credibility, and messages to the media, cementing their favorable positions in the public’s eye.

  • Capacity Development / Training
    Capacity Development / Training

    Kiroyan Partners offers a number of training programs to help growing companies strengthen their employees’ skills, allowing teams to understand business-society issues and overcome any obstacles that stand between them and their goals. Our training approach teaches our clients how to solve problems strategically and ethically, and information is delivered by team members with strong backgrounds in communications and corporate social responsibility.

  • Strategic Advisory
    Strategic Advisory

    Every challenge requires a different approach. To help clients leverage the dynamic changes occurring in Indonesia today, our team of consultants offers a diverse range of experience and knowledge across many industries. Kiroyan Partners prepares its clients to navigate any shift in social, political, economic, or cultural climates that might affect their business operations and strategy.

our team

The consulting team consists of talented people, who come from different background and 100% local with global and intercultural experience.

  • Noke Kiroyan

    Noke Kiroyan

    Chief Consultant

    Noke Kiroyan has several decades of experience in senior management with top-performing multinational corporations.

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  • Anton Rizki Sulaiman

    Anton Rizki Sulaiman

    Principal Consultant

    Currently Anton Rizki Sulaiman is a Principal Consultant at Kiroyan Partners, sharing his experience and know-how to fellow consultants.

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  • Ananda Idris

    Ananda Idris

    Principal Consultant

    Ananda Idris appointed as Alternate Director since August 2016, spent nearly 30 years in the oil and gas industry before joining Kiroyan Partners as Council of Experts in 2014.

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  • Jannus O. Hutapea

    Jannus O. Hutapea

    Alternate Director

    Jannus brings more than 20 years of professional experience in the sustainable development of Global Reporting Index and Triple-Bottom-Line, Good Corporate Governance encompassing strategic areas of goverment relations.

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our clients

Our clients consist of companies operating in various branches of industry, ranging from national and international companies.

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