Air Chief Marshall (Retired)

Chappy Hakim

Air Chief Marshall (Retired) Chappy Hakim is the former chief of staff of the Indonesian Air Force and has extensive experience in the aviation industry. Chappy has written many articles on aviation for the Indonesian mass media, and lectures for the master and doctorate programs at the Faculty of Economy, University of Indonesia. He has published a number of books, mostly on Indonesian aviation.

Chappy worked part-time for Radio Republik Indonesia before joining the Air Force Academy in 1968. In 1971, he started his career as a pilot of C-47 Dakota aircraft, and later piloted a C-130 Hercules. Over the years, he has worked as a pilot for such domestic airlines as Merpati Nusantara Airlines (MNA), Mandala Airlines, and Perusahaan Negara Aerial Survey (PENAS).

From 2002-2005, Chappy was the chief of staff of the Indonesian Air Force. In January 2007, the President of the Republic of Indonesia appointed him chairman of the National Team on Transportation Safety and Security Evaluation.

Chappy’s past positions include commander of Air Force Base, operation director of Air Force Headquarters, governor of Air Force Academy, assistant to the chief of staff of Personnel Department, and general commander of Indonesian Armed Force Academy. His nonmilitary positions include chairman of FASI (Indonesian Aerosport Federation) and president of PT Dirgantara Indonesia.


  • Air Force Academy
  • Flight School
  • Flight Instructor School
  • Air Force Staff and Command School
  • Indonesian Armed Forces Staff and Command School
  • National Security Agency
  • Bachelor’s degree from Indonesia Open University, Jakarta, Indonesia

meet Air Chief Marshall (Retired) Chappy Hakim


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