Public affairs is the interface between the company and the surrounding environment.

The book Public Affairs: Theory and Practice is the answer for all people who are thirsty for comprehensive information about public affairs.

The book, published by Noke Kiroyan in collaboration with PR INDONESIA, was officially launched last Wednesday (11/25/2020), explaining the public affairs (PA) profession, which is now increasingly in the spotlight, especially during this pandemic.

This is due to its essential function in the company. PA is currently defined as a function that is tasked with establishing relationships with stakeholders by taking into account the political, economic, social, and cultural context. Its existence also serves to align business goals with the expectations of stakeholders. And develop the right strategy that can interpret these things into a sustainability program.

As an illustration, Noke likens a company to a fish. This fish is swimming in a large ocean called business opportunity. Its journey is not always smooth.

There are many triggering factors ranging from economic, social, political dynamics to technological developments. And it is undeniable that companies will encounter turmoil from suppliers, competitors, political organizations, government, society, media, and many more. Not to mention the influence of the issuance of new laws/regulations and policies.

On its way, it also did not escape the possibility of being hit by specific issues concerning related sectors, cross-sector, internal, local, to cross-border. “If this issue is not managed, it could become a crisis,” said Noke who is the Chairman & Chief Consultant of Kiroyan Partners.

Then, where does PA work? “PA is the interface between the company and the surrounding environment,” said Noke, emphasizing that if PA is related to context, public relations (PR) is closely related to content. PA always follows and monitors developments in its surroundings, as well as social, economic, political conditions, conducts analysis, provides directions and input to its leaders and the company. Including, informing the issue before it becomes a crisis and how to deal with the current situation. “He (PA) is looking after the ‘fish’ so that the ‘fish’ can continue on its way,” said the man who has experience serving as CEO in a variety of industries ranging from mining, oleochemicals, to energy and innovative technology.

Opening Horizons
Meanwhile, Lieutenant General of the Indonesian National Army (Ret.) Agus Widjojo, Governor of the Indonesian National Defense Institute (Lemhannas), believes that this book has opened his horizons as a leader. Especially, regarding the importance of two-way communication in the context of public affairs as the key to business sustainability. This book feels even more informative because it examines theories supported by empirical experiences as case studies.

For Meidyatama Suryodiningrat, President Director of Antara National News Agency, there are at least three interesting conclusions from this book. First, PA should not only become a commodity but become part of the daily life of a company/organization.

Second, the emphasis is on ethical and socially responsible business practices, so the problem solving must also be in an ethical manner. And third, there are times when it is better to be quiet. “Even in the middle of a noisy world, we don’t have to be reactive to everything,” he said, stating that he was looking forward to the publication of the second volume of this book.


This article has been published in PR Indonesia magazine 69th Edition, issued on December 2020, page 39.


Download the clipping here.

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