Kiroyan Partners has been providing internships since the first year of its operations to help young people prepare themselves for the real world. The exciting internship opportunities are available for highly motivated and enthusiastic university students or fresh graduates with communications or social backgrounds. If you are keen to learn about consultancy work and have strong personal integrity, we invite you to send us your CV today!

The internship we offer lasts for a period of two to three months. During this period, the intern will be exposed to work with Kiroyan Partners’ teamwork setting and learn to perform various tasks under the guidance of a consultant as the acting supervisor throughout the internship program.

For further reference, see our previous interns’ testimonials on our LinkedIn.


We provide exciting internship opportunities for highly motivated and enthusiastic university students or fresh graduates. Send your résumé and cover letter to Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.



  • Sri Ajeng Larasati
    Sri Ajeng Larasati
    Public Policy and Management, Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta

    I am very grateful to be given this fantastic opportunity to be part of Kiroyan Partners.

    During my internship, I was allowed to enhance my writing, research, media monitoring, regulatory tracking, and critical thinking skills through various projects.

    I want to thank Kiroyan Partners for the memorable opportunity and the team members who have helped me throughout my internship program. My internship experience at Kiroyan Partners has developed me to be more capable and ready to face other challenges in the future.


    Internship period: November 2022 - February 2023

  • Kharisma Ismail
    Kharisma Ismail
    International Relations, Pelita Harapan University, Jakarta

    I had the honor of being a part of the Kiroyan Partners team during my internship, and it was an experience that truly allowed me to grow both professionally and personally. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such a dynamic and well-respected organization.

    During my four months with Kiroyan Partners, I was able to gain valuable knowledge and develop both my professional and soft skills. The team at Kiroyan Partners not only provided me with a wealth of information and guidance in my field, but also created a comfortable and inclusive work environment where everyone was encouraged to learn and grow. The mentorship and guidance provided by the experienced professionals at Kiroyan Partners was truly invaluable.

    One particular thing that stood out during my time at Kiroyan Partners was the team's collaborative approach to problem-solving and decision-making. I was able to work with colleagues from various levels within the company, and it was a great opportunity for me to learn from them and gain diverse perspectives.

    Overall, my internship at Kiroyan Partners was an incredibly valuable experience that I will cherish forever. I would highly recommend Kiroyan Partners as an organization to anyone who is looking to grow and develop their skills in the field of Public Affairs. The company's commitment to professional development and mentorship is truly unparalleled.


    Internship period: September 2022 - January 2023

  • Khushnoor Kaur Dhaliwal
    Khushnoor Kaur Dhaliwal
    Commerce: Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Murdoch University, Australia

    As a public affairs intern at Kiroyan Partners, I had the honour of working with a group of people that were both extremely competent and encouraging. The degree of mentoring and advice I received from my peers and mentor struck me right away and throughout my internship. They were always eager to take the time to go through ideas and respond to my inquiries, which gave me a deeper understanding of the field and the job the firm does.

    Kiroyan Partners’ culture of teamwork and respect for one another also made an impression on me. Even though it was a busy and demanding workplace, everyone was always eager to assist one another and cooperate to accomplish shared objectives. This created a happy and inspiring work environment, and I was glad to be a part of a group that was so encouraging.

    Overall, it was a wonderfully rewarding experience working as an intern with Kiroyan Partners Public Affairs. I obtained useful skills, learnt a lot about the public relations area and the way of doing business in Indonesia. I appreciate the chance and would highly recommend Kiroyan Partners to anyone seeking an internship in this field.


    Internship period: January-February 2023

  • Della Camelia Prisca Rizky
    Della Camelia Prisca Rizky
    Government Administration, Padjajaran University, Bandung

    I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to intern at Kiroyan Partners. This experience has allowed me to explore various industries, gaining a profound understanding and invaluable insights. The professionals at Kiroyan Partners have been remarkably approachable and open to discussions, generously sharing their expertise and offering guidance which has played a vital role in my personal and professional growth. Moreover, this internship perfectly aligns with my future career goals, providing me with the chance to sharpen my skills and acquire the necessary expertise for a successful full-time career.

    KP's commitment to the value of "good is not good enough" has fostered my continuous development and personal growth. The tight and fast-paced environment has honed my time management skills and taught me to prioritize tasks effectively to meet deadlines. Additionally, the supportive atmosphere has served as a constant source of motivation for me to continually strive for learning and improvement.

    In conclusion, I highly recommend Kiroyan Partners to anyone seeking an internship in this field.


    Internship period: March-June 2023

  • Wynnetta Yasmina
    Wynnetta Yasmina
    Social Welfare, University of Indonesia, Jakarta

    I am grateful to have begun my internship at Kiroyan Partners. I had the privilege of working directly with professionals who are experts in their respective fields. I received valuable feedback on my work, which provided me with insightful guidance and enabled me to enhance my performance. Additionally, engaging in diverse projects and being exposed to various industries has significantly developed my versatile skill set.

    My time at KP has taught me the significance of intellectual capacity in public affairs, and my analytical thinking and writing abilities have developed over time as a result.

    Moreover, I have learned that KP prioritizes quality over simply completing tasks. The colleagues and working environment at KP serve as a role model for my career. As a first-time intern in a fast-paced work environment, I encountered challenges throughout the three-month internship. However, my colleagues at KP never regarded these obstacles as burdens. Instead, they embraced the mindset that work is an opportunity for continuous learning and personal growth.

    This experience has transformed me into a more reflective individual, enabling me to convert my limitations into capabilities. Overall, Kiroyan Partners has provided me with an ideal platform to gain invaluable internship experience and personal development.


    Internship period: January-April 2023

  • Rahilya Salsabila
    Rahilya Salsabila
    Political Science, Padjadjaran University, Bandung

    Becoming an intern at Kiroyan Partners gave me a lot of valuable experience and lessons. At Kiroyan Partners, I participated in many projects, which not only gave me experience but also helped me realize what I want to pursue and do for my career life.

    Kiroyan Partners' professional work culture shapes me to always do my best in every job. Not to mention, KP has a lot of experts who are very open to discussions and give suggestions.

    Kiroyan Partners is truly the best place to learn not only public affairs and consulting but also the work culture itself, which will be helpful in my future career.


    Internship period: April-June 2023

  • Dwita Novaria
    Dwita Novaria
    International Relation, Ural Federal University, Russia

    My internship experience was, without a doubt, a valuable experience.

    I was already interested in the public affairs industry, but KP helped it grow a lot more. I’ve learned more about communications such as media engagement and stakeholders/ KOL mapping and profiling. Moreover, I also felt this internship not only helped me grow as a professional, but also as an individual.

    I’m forever grateful for my co-workers that I’ve become friends with and mentors that have helped me through this internship. Although my time in KP passed by in a heartbeat, it made a big impact on me.


    Internship period: June-August 2023

  • Made Kusuma Prana Musala
    Made Kusuma Prana Musala
    Political Science, Brawijaya University, Malang

    Memorable. Even that word alone is not enough to describe the time I spent at Kiroyan Partners.

    I formed close bonds with fellow interns and worked with such a great team, relationships I will forever hold dear. I truly enjoyed my involvement in so many projects, and knowing that my work contributed to the success of the project just motivates me even further. The knowledge and experience I gained from KP are the literal definition of priceless, something you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

    It has been a privilege to intern at KP, delving into the public affairs industry and broadening my perspective. I am forever grateful for all the team members who have helped me grow, both personally and professionally. Thank you so much, Kiroyan Partners!


    Internship period: June-August 2023

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