Kiroyan Partners has been providing internships since the first year of its operations to help young people prepare themselves for the real world. The exciting internship opportunities are available for highly motivated and enthusiastic university students or fresh graduates with communications or social backgrounds. If you are keen to learn about consultancy work and have strong personal integrity, we invite you to send us your CV today!

The internship we offer lasts for a period of two to three months. During this period, the intern will be exposed to work with Kiroyan Partners’ teamwork setting and learn to perform various tasks under the guidance of a consultant as the acting supervisor throughout the internship program.

For further reference, see our previous interns’ testimonials on our LinkedIn.


We provide exciting internship opportunities for highly motivated and enthusiastic university students or fresh graduates. Send your résumé and cover letter to Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.



  • Anggun Wikannisa
    Anggun Wikannisa
    International Relations, Tokyo International University

    "As I joined KP as an intern and worked along with the Consulting Team, I have gained new knowledge on communications, media relations, crisis handling, and research analysis. In addition, I was also involved in developing proposals and research.

    Soon I acknowledge that I should not stop learning that it will be used or be useful in the future. With the fast-paced work, I believe that this has honed my self-discipline in work and other aspects in life.

    During my first day of internship until the beginning of July, I wasn’t able to meet my colleagues and had to work from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. What astonished me was how KP’s work coordination with almost no technology nor communication obstacles that made our work went well. Besides, having to work with other colleagues that were helpful and attentive made work from home run efficiently and enjoyable.

    By joining KP, I never regret the hard work that I see as a learning experience. I am so grateful to be able to be a part of KP as an intern. Thank you for the good time, Kiroyan Partners!"

    Period of internship: April-June 2020

  • Faizah Nadhiva
    Faizah Nadhiva
    International Relations, Padjadjaran University

    "Even though the pandemic has made me experienced my internship from home, the internship at Kiroyan Partners is still a very valuable experience for me. Despite working virtually, I could still feel the fast-paced work environment. At the same time, I was very comfortable working with a warm and humble consulting team.

    The internship taught me a very valuable lesson. I got the opportunity to be involved in various projects that has helped me broaden my knowledge. Moreover, I was amazed by the communication flow of the team. Although the team worked online, they managed to complete all their work without fail.

    The highlight was learning how to work in a fast-paced work environment with good work ethics. Kiroyan Partners is the best place to learn and know about professional work."

    Period of internship: July-October 2020

  • Lailuddin Mufti
    Lailuddin Mufti
    Political Science, University of Indonesia

    "When I first joined Kiroyan Partners, I was nervous to be in a professional business environment for the first time. This was mainly because the program that needed to be carried out from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, this phenomenon has not shrunk Kiroyan Partners’ enthusiasm for making major contributions to the public affairs sector.

    Kiroyan Partners has given me the opportunity to join in and contribute to various interesting projects – and it’s a new learning experience for me. I developed analytical skills that are relevant to a wide range of consulting needs.

    I collaborated with the entire team and learnt that good work ethics is an added value for Kiroyan Partners in providing useful knowledge in business processes, stakeholder mapping, and government relations.

    Kiroyan Partners is the best place to learn and grow with professional consultants in the public affairs sector. I am so happy and proud of the opportunity to have been a part of such a wonderful team."

    Period of Internship: October-December 2020

  • Hazura Madina Prabowo
    Hazura Madina Prabowo
    Marketing and Food Science, University of Sydney

    "Interning at Kiroyan Partners has definitely been a challenging yet great learning experience. It opened my eyes to the world of consulting and I gained a lot of insights into the industry.

    The individuals at KP are very inclusive, supportive, and encouraging, the knowledge and skills that I gained from the internship would continue to be useful for my further endeavors!"

    Period of internship: December 2020 - February 2021

  • Jennifer Reva Anton
    Jennifer Reva Anton
    International Relations, President University

    "Doing an internship at Kiroyan Partners has truly given me a lot of valuable lessons that could support my professional growth. Aside from enriching technical skills such as research, analysis, and critical thinking, an internship at KP has equipped me with a wide industry exposure that is extremely useful for young professionals. It is also very relevant for those who wish to jumpstart their careers in the field of public affairs, government relations, and many others.

    Beyond that, I acquired a lot of insights from the consultants about communications and collaborating strategies. Most importantly, I felt empowered to push my boundaries for the better.

    Work ethics is highly upheld as Kiroyan Partners does not only rely on good corporate communications to build a reputation but also on good performance and high-quality deliverables.

    Overall, the working environment at KP is very dynamic and positive. There’s always something new to be excited about every day! I am very glad to have been a part of the team, I believe that this experience will be very beneficial for my career path going forward."

    Period of internship: January-February 2021

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