Kiroyan Partners has been providing internships since the first year of its operations to help young people prepare themselves for the real world. The exciting internship opportunities are available for highly motivated and enthusiastic university students or fresh graduates with communications or social background. If you are keen to learn about consultancy work and have strong personal integrity, we invite you to send us your CV today!


The internship we offer lasts for a period of two to three months. During this period, the intern will be exposed with working in Kiroyan Partners’ teamwork setting and learn to perform various tasks under the guidance of a consultant as the acting supervisor throughout the internship program.

For further reference, see our previous interns’ testimonials.


Interested candidates may send their CV and cover letter to Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and only short-listed candidates will be contacted.


  • Yohana Tiur Mauli L. Toruan
    Yohana Tiur Mauli L. Toruan
    German Studies, University of Indonesia, Depok, West Java, Indonesia

    “I am very grateful to have a chance doing an internship at Kiroyan Partners (KP). Besides learning about corporate work I also could understand how consulting firm actually works since I really had zero idea about it. And not like I'd imagined before, I'm (still) amazed with the work ambience built by KP team. They are very friendly and helpful. I thank KP so much for the chance and it was very legen-wait for it-dary! Legendary!"

    Period of internship: July – August 2017

  • Elisabeth Windy A. Simaibang
    Elisabeth Windy A. Simaibang
    Communication Science, University of Padjajaran, West Java, Indonesia

    Below is the link to my honest piece about my internship journey at KP.

    Period of internship: July – August 2017

  • Vicky Faliana Sewaka
    Vicky Faliana Sewaka
    Political Science, University of Indonesia

    "My time interning at Kiroyan Partners really exceeded my expectation. During my internship program, everyone in the team was very supportive in showing me the ropes. I got to experience working in the consulting world. I got to work on various projects and completed tasks for clients. The consultants were also really welcoming and very appreciative of intern’s inputs. Everyone here works as a team, and interns were really treated as an integral part of it. The consultants were also really welcoming and helpful, especially in assisting me completing my final project. Without the support, I wouldn’t have known my abilities on various fields. The internship really did broaden my horizons and it was really a privilege to intern here."

    Period of internship: March–May 2017

  • Made Intan Iswari Satria
    Made Intan Iswari Satria
    Communication Studies, Universitas Padjadjaran

    "My internship at Kiroyan Partners has given me a comprehensive knowledge of strategic consulting industry. I am very grateful for instilling a sense of confidence and responsibility by allowing me to create my own project. I was fortunate being part of a great team where I could learn and make unforgettable friendship.

    Thank you Kiroyan Partners!"

    Period of Internship: December 2016 - March 2017

  • Faiz Sujudi
    Faiz Sujudi
    Communication Science, University of Padjajaran, West Java, Indonesia

    "My internship journey in Kiroyan Partners was tremendous. It was an honor for me having Kiroyan Partners as my first step in working experience. As communication student, I always look forward to strong strategic communication firm, and I found it in Kiroyan Partners. Working as an Intern develop my analytical thinking, my conceptual skills, and leadership skills. The team, all crew was very critical, smart, and also friendly!

    That's why I enjoyed my two months Internship Program. So, I will recommend Kiroyan Partners to all my friends/colleagues for a best experience in learning communication consulting business.

    Thank you very much Kiroyan Partners, hope we could work together again, soon!"

    Period of Internship: June – August 2016

  • Jordan Brown
    Jordan Brown
    Bachelor of International Studies/Management, Monash University, Australia

    "From the very beginning I was excited to be a part of Kiroyan Partners because I had spoken to previous interns who had all gained a lot from the experience. I feel like my time at Kiroyan lived up to my expectations. Kiroyan taught me a lot about media monitoring, stakeholder engagement and applying research to real- life problems. However, they also gave me the opportunity to conduct my own individual research that I then presented to the directors and consultants. Not only did such a project support me in my learning and development of skills, it also proved useful for the directors and consultants themselves. In this way, Kiroyan is a place where everyone can learn and grow from one another.

    My experience at Kiroyan not only contributed to my professionalism but also made my time in Indonesia very fun and enjoyable. My colleagues often made the effort to take me to different places for lunch, actively encouraged me to try different Indonesian food and made recommendations for places I should stay. Therefore, Kiroyan and the people who work there have had a dramatic impact on the positive time I had in Indonesia."

    Period of Internship: January – February 2016

  • Arendziano Richgustav Manus
    Arendziano Richgustav Manus
    Communications Science, University of Brawijaya, Malang, Indonesia

    "I was very privileged to undertake an internship with Kiroyan Partners. Coming from Australia, I was exposed to a whole range of new experiences in a cross cultural setting. Not only was I able to learn and develop skills myself, but I also had the opportunity to actively contribute to Kiroyan Partners through various tasks and responsibilities such as media monitoring, conducting research and being involved in preparing reports for clients.

    Kiroyan Partners genuinely provides an environment that fosters growth among its team and also more broadly in the community through the work they do. The company is founded on the principles of corporate social responsibility and this is reflected by the professionalism and quality of staff not just as employees but also as people. I have no doubt my experience with Kiroyan Partners will be a significant step towards realizing my career aspirations and I am sure the company will continue to grow and be successful well into the future due to the unrivalled work environment they provide for their staff to learn and develop in."

    Period of Internship: January - February 2015

  • Prashina Chopra
    Prashina Chopra
    University of Sussex, Brighton, England

    "Before Kiroyan Partners I had no grasp of what strategic communications or consulting work consisted of and through my time at KP I gradually developed an understanding and to do so in a friendly and inviting environment was an absolute luxury.

    While at Kiroyan Partners, my main tasks included media monitoring for clients however I had the privilege to be able to assess KP’s website and suggest potential improvements. The members of the KP staff were always welcoming and helpful always including me and helped with any queries I had.

    As my first internship in the PR world, KP opened up my eyes and taught me more than I ever expected and has really helped me make a decision about my career path. Not only did KP aid my understanding of strategic communications, I developed different important corporate skills during my internship such as office communication and presentation skills. Overall, KP taught me many valuable experiences and skills that I will cherish and remember forever."

    Period of Internship: August 2014

  • Mutiara Nita Angelo
    Mutiara Nita Angelo
    Faculty of Economy, University of Indonesia

    "Joining Kiroyan Partners has been one of the best experiences I have ever had. I learned new things such as how the consultants handle cases. I was also involved in assisting the consultants with their projects, meeting with the media and clients, and so many more. The best part is they taught me how to see things in different ways. And that is something you would not just get in class. I would personally recommend this program to the other students."

    Period of Internship: July - September 2014

  • Joelia Fitri Adhistiscia Chaderi
    Joelia Fitri Adhistiscia Chaderi
    International Relations, Parahyangan Catholic University

    "Having an internship at Kiroyan Partners is the right choice to learning from the field before you jump into the real working life, delighted and worthwhile."

    Period of Internship: May - June 2014

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