Yoshi Dessiani

Born in Jakarta in late 1992, Yoshi has been exposed to political-economy issues since Junior High School. Her father has a major contribution to her interest, as he had involved her in an afternoon routines of reading newspaper, watching news channel, and discussions. Years later, she studied Political Science for her bachelor’s degree and took Urban Studies program for her master’s degree, both in University of Indonesia. Her postgraduate thesis focused on the implementation of a local regulation that aimed to eliminate administrative violations in the privately owned apartments management in Jakarta. Conducted with public policy analysis and in-depth interviews with stakeholder representatives, this comparative study found that the adopted policy measures were ineffective to attain the policy goals. For Yoshi, this five-month thesis writing improved her analytical skills with a proven ability of coherent thinking, both in academic and professional contexts.

Yoshi has built a strong partnership with government officials, business sectors, and interest groups through policy research in urban planning, infrastructure, and regional development over the past three years. Her passion in public policy research was first discovered when she was working for Commission V in The House of Representatives (DPR-RI)—overseeing public works, infrastructure, and transportation, as she started a professional career in 2015.  She later gained an experience in a business-risk consulting company, Concord Consulting, where she was exposed to at-times challenging environment and multifaceted projects.

Prior to joining Kiroyan Partners, Yoshi worked for Jakarta Property Institute (JPI), a non-profit organization that serves as a platform for constructive dialogue and cooperation between real estate players and the government. Within her time in JPI, she worked intensively with Jakarta government agencies to provide advocacy and capacity building programs. During the advocacy program, Yoshi played dynamic role as a facilitator who prepared the set of data, provided guidelines, and conducted the Focus Group Discussions as part of the local regulation formulations. In the capacity building program which was designed for Jakarta government officials, she organized workshop and training with collaborating partners, including Urban Land Institute Singapore and Center for Livable Cities Singapore.


  • Master of Science in Urban Studies, School of Strategic and Global Studies, University of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia (2019).
  • Bachelor of Political Science, Faculty of Social and Political Science, University of Indonesia, Depok, West Java, Indonesia (2015).

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