Rear Admiral (Retired)

Yoost F. Mengko

Rear Admiral Yoost Frederiek Mengko has held a wide range of field, administrative, and overseas postings for the Indonesian military. He has been involved in numerous overseas conferences and seminars and served on a number of delegations during bilateral and multilateral talks. He has also served as a senior country consultant for various international agencies operating in Indonesia.

Yoost began his military career in 1969 and spent his first 10 years serving the Indonesian Navy and the Navy’s training center. He received his First Admiral’s star upon completing his post as the Indonesian Defense Attaché in Canberra, Australia, where he served a three-year tour from 1991-1994.

Upon his promotion to Rear Admiral (two-star) in 1998, he was named assistant chief of Navy. He focused on maritime intelligence and coordinated the board of expert staff advising the chief of the Indonesian Navy on special issues.

In 1999, Yoost became chief of intelligence for the Indonesian Armed Forces. He was instrumental in the combined Indonesian delegation to resolve conflict in East Timor, as well as in the humanitarian cause of the Aceh conflict in 2001-2002.

Yoost retired in 2002 and, on order from the President of Indonesia, has since served the National Investigation Team in an independent capacity, working to resolve the Maluku conflict. In early 2003, again by order of the President of Indonesia, he joined the national team to anticipate the crisis in Iraq.


  • Indonesian Naval Academy
  • Master’s degree in Political Science

meet Rear Admiral (Retired) Yoost F. Mengko


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