Karl Gading Sayudha


Born in Pontianak, Karl spent most of his childhood in Jambi. With a great passion for security and political affairs, he especially has a keen interest in developing strong analytical skills to contribute to the country’s future development. Joining Kiroyan Partners in mid-2023 as Project Assistant, Karl embarks on a great journey to expand his knowledge of public affairs. As a new member of Kiroyan Partners’ consulting team, his enthusiasm and support contribute greatly to delivering the best services to clients


Karl graduated with the honour of Magna Cumlaude from the President University, where he majored in International Relations and took Strategic and Defence Studies as his specialisation. He filled his university days with active participation in various organisations, including Model United Nations Club and Journalism.

He also found his interest in writing by contributing as a community writer for one of the digital media in Indonesia. After graduating from President University, Karl started his professional career as a Research Analyst in one of the security and political risks consulting companies in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Previously, he had more than 12 months of internship experience with other political risk consulting and media companies. In 2023, Karl became a part of Kiroyan Partners’ team as a Project Assistant and assists the team in project coordination and analysis on national/regional security assessment, international affairs, and domestic politics—areas that he especially interested in.


Bachelor of Social Science (International Relations) from the President University, Indonesia (2022).

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