Bakhrul Falah Zuber

Bakhrul Zuber had an experience as a TV journalist from a national TV station (Trans7) where he was assigned to various posts, such as politics and security, corruption, socio-economic and megapolitan issues, in fully in-depth reporting format. During his journey as a journalist, he had the luxury to work across many regions in Indonesia which has brought him broader knowledge in knowing different societies along with the challenges to solve.

Having passions in guitar and anime, Bakhrul spent most of his youth in Bandung, West Jave because he studied at Padjadjaran University majoring in International Relations. Apart from his study, he delved into his passion in guitar and music by taking part as a guitarist in a local band in Bandung while involving himself in several social movement activities that were often held by the student’s organization (BEM and Himpunan Mahasiswa).

He started his professional background as a staff in an event organizer before he was recruited to help the establishment of Bandung Tourism Bus (Bandros). At the same period of time, he also joined Mitrakukar FC – a growing, well-known football club from East Kalimantan, where he was trusted in handling sponsorship area. He then made the next step into research field where he joined a research consulting firm before he found his passion in journalism and began his career as a TV reporter for Trans7. After spending five years as a TV journalist, he is now joining Kiroyan in order to broaden his knowledge in communications and sharpen his skills in analysis and strategic thinking by being a Consultant.

Bachelor of International Relations, Padjadjaran University (2015).

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