Jakarta, April 21, 2021 — The International Selection Committee (ISC) of R-Adhikarya ‘Niche’ Award (RANA) and the East-West Center proudly announce one outstanding winner, Imaculata Primadona Susi Kurniasanti, for a scholarship to support PhD study at the University of Hawaii and the East-West Center (EWC) in September 2021.

Conducted annually, the R-Adhikarya ‘Niche’ Award grants scholarships for potential students at three world-class educational institutions in the United States: the EWC, Stanford University, and Cornell University (planning in process, to start in late 2021 or early 2022).

Kurniasanti (white shirt) as a guest speaker at a Community Radio for Anti Violence to Women.

For over 17 years, Imaculata Primadona Susi Kurniasanti has been supporting and initiating programs for marginalized women and children in Indonesia. Her efforts are not limited to assisting and connecting human trafficking victims and refugees to shelters, but also in providing them with legal support, reintegrating victims with their families, and advocating the rights for women and children. Through learning centers and support groups, she provides a medium for marginalized groups to gain education, builds their capacities, and prepare them to be independent.

The R-Adhikarya ‘Niche’ Award of US$10,000 is offered in conjunction with the East-West Center’s Graduate Degree Fellowship for a total value of approximately US$103,000. It will enable Kurniasanti to realize her dreams of enhancing her expertise on topics such as International Migration, Immigrant Integration, Inequality and Cohesion, Ethnic Prejudice, and Race and Nationalism within the fields of migration, ethnic relations, and multiculturalism. The degree would allow her to engage theoretically and conceptually with the question of international migration in a changing world and open up a multitude of opportunities for practical experience in advocacy and support efforts for marginalized people. She envisions forming a task force for human trafficking and refugee services in Indonesia that will ultimately see to the provision of a nationwide hotline and service-providing mechanism as well as shelters for refugees and trafficking victims in all provinces. In addition, it would help her in becoming a professor and creating a center for migration and refugee study that connects left-behind children in remote areas and refugees with a global education system.

Kurniasanti (in the middle) among other Human Rights Defenders at Talk on Security Issues in The Hague.

“We hope that the learning experience would broaden her network and insights on ways to support various marginalized groups. We believe that with Kurniasanti’s proven passion and tenacity, the scholarship could be her stepping-stone towards making an even bigger difference for advocacy and educational efforts for marginalized groups across Indonesia,” said the Award’s initiator Dr. Ronny Adhikarya.

About R-Adhikarya “Niche” Award
The R-Adhikarya “Niche” Award (RANA) is a token of appreciation for individuals who have demonstrated innovative, ‘niche’, thinking in their studies and careers. Awarded annually, it enables young visionaries with a learning-oriented growth mindset to study at one of three world-class educational institutions in the United States: the East-West Center (EWC), Stanford University, and Cornell University. These institutions were part of Dr. Ronny Adhikarya’s academic journey. He attended Cornell for his Master’s degree, and Stanford for his Doctoral degree, obtaining a fellowship from each university. Dr. Adhikarya then worked as a research staff member at the EWC before continuing his extensive career in international development assistance. Over the course of more than 45 years, he worked at the World Bank, in Washington D.C., USA, the United Nations/FAO in Rome, Italy, and with many well-respected institutions in other countries.

Dr. Adhikarya and his wife, Mee-Ching, offer RANA in gratitude and see it as their contribution in support of the education sector globally, especially in Indonesia. Kiroyan Partners (KP), a leading Public Affairs consulting firm, has agreed to partner in this endeavor by providing support to coordinate and implement the communication, publicity and marketing activities of RANA, as well as coordinating and maintaining the internal communication platform for the International Selection Committee members. KP believes this initiative is in line with its commitment to support human capital development in Indonesia.


More information on RANA Prospectus can be found here.

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