Noke Kiroyan founded the research-based public affairs and strategic communications consulting company called Kiroyan Partners in 2006 at the height of his career as the ‘tackler of crisis’. At first glance, Kiroyan Partners may seem like any other consulting company, but that couldn’t be further than the truth. What sets the company apart are their spirit, their very core consisting of eight business principles, as well as an excellent team of experts and specialists. Fast forward to the year 2021, Kiroyan Partners has received multiple accolades and glowing praises with clients ranging from national to international companies and institutions. We sat down with a few members to reflect on their experiences, favorite moments, and the fifteen-year-long journey of Kiroyan Partners.

It has been fifteen years since you founded Kiroyan Partners in 2006. Is there a difference in the vision and direction you had for the company a few years ago compared to now? If so, how?

Noke Kiroyan (NK), Executive Chairman and Chief Consultant:
“I think there isn’t a change [of vision and direction] because, from the beginning, I intended for Kiroyan Partners to have values. In 2008, our eight principles were established, with the first principle being ‘ethics and social responsibilities’. Around the same time, I also had signed on to the United Nations Global Compact. As a result, both of them have been going hand in hand since then – the values I implemented and the company’s commitment towards the United Nations Global Compact to do business responsibly.”

It can be said that you have witnessed the growth of Kiroyan Partners since the beginning. Has Kiroyan Partners as a whole reached or even exceeded your expectations?

“In terms of value, everything has been going as I hoped for. In terms of business, the past two years have been a bit of a concern. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the business didn’t go quite well, especially last year when a lot of projects were called off. However, this is simply the dynamics of business. Even though the past two or three years haven’t been profitable, this isn’t a reason for us to be disappointed and immediately give up.”

Verlyana Virgousa Hitipeuw (VVH), CEO and Principal Consultant:
“I think it depends on the expectations. Kiroyan Partners has been continuously growing even during the Covid-19 pandemic. Over 50% of our clients are completely new, and we also have clients from sectors other than oil and gas. This growth also means that we are more well-known and have stepped out of our comfort zone.”

During all of the time you spent being a part of Kiroyan Partners, what was the most memorable moment you’ve experienced?

Deasy Rasjid (DR), Director and Principal Consultant:
“My mom had passed away after I joined the company, and I saw just how attentive everyone at the company, whether the Chairman, the CEO and the team members, was to me. I was still very new at the company, but I had already received such welcoming and warm treatment. I saw that the family of Kiroyan Partners was very humane, appreciative of each other, and attentive.”

Beringin Kusuma (BK), Senior Consultant:
“We submitted Kiroyan Partners’ Sustainability Report for the reporting period of 2020 on April 30, 2021. As usual, the development of the report was hectic. However, as soon as the product was finished and submitted to the UNGC and the Kiroyan Partners website, we received positive feedback from several clients that the report was concise, well-written and had a great design. Our hard work was paid off by the positive feedback.”

If you were to describe Kiroyan Partners using only one word, what word would you pick and why?

“Agile, because throughout my seven-year experience at Kiroyan Partners, I see that this company is truly agile. If there is a force that demands us to change, we are always ready to do so while holding onto the business principles that we have. That is the one thing that describes Kiroyan Partners the most.”

“Perfectionist, because Kiroyan Partners has a very high working standard. To thrive here, we need to be able to deliver our work as good as possible because good isn’t good enough. If what we created is good, then that means it could still be improved, and when the product is given to the client, it must be of the best quality possible. This is what makes Kiroyan Partners such an excellent place to learn how to deliver the best of our ability.”

Margareth Olivia (MO), Senior Consultant & Media Analyst:
“Family, because this team is like a family to me, where I was taught and reprimanded, but it made me smarter.”

And finally, please leave your message and wishes for Kiroyan Partners.

“I hope that Kiroyan Partners can keep growing like a tree that is big and strong, but also bears fruit in a sense that the company can provide solutions and leave an impact on those around it – starting from the employee welfare, giving the best solutions to the clients, and leaving other impacts for stakeholders. Along the way, I also hope that all employees and team members can feel the impact of the company in a positive way.”

“I hope that we can stay motivated to improve so that Kiroyan Partners keep striving for corporate governance. I also hope that the company can survive and keep getting bigger by not forgetting the essence and the values we have. As for the team, I hope everyone at the company can keep going with a good spirit regardless of difficulties and struggles.”


Messages from Former Team Members of Kiroyan Partners

“KP will always be part of my professional and personal DNA! I’m honoured to have been part of its inception in December 2006 and will never forget the first day we occupied Menara Karya. We were the first tenant, there was no aircon and we were still setting up the office. I’m immensely proud to see how far we’ve come as a company and the talents we’ve managed to foster and grow. KP truly is walking the talk when it comes to its principles, thanks to the collective effort from the management and the consultants. Keep going strong Kiroyan Partners, I will forever be proud of you!”
Natasha Christiane Kiroyan Straton, Kiroyan Partners Graduate of 2008.

“Happy 15th anniversary, KP. KP’s values on business ethics, anti-corruption, and dignity have left an indelible impression. I wish KP great success in its efforts to establish itself as a leading communications consulting firm, not just in Indonesia, but also throughout Southeast Asia.”
Mashudi Noorsalim, Kiroyan Partners Graduate of 2015.

“Different from most firms that have an antidote for all kinds of diseases, Kiroyan Partners is the only strategic communications firm that consistently finds the disease before giving an antidote recommendation. KP is also never afraid of saying no if the early diagnosis of the disease isn’t compatible with the team’s set of skills, even though that will impact the company financially. That is what makes KP always respected, namely firmness in maintaining values and principles, not just PALUGADA.”
Prama Yudha Amdan, Kiroyan Partners Graduate of 2015.

“Goal-oriented. Every. Time.”
Rian Dewanto, Kiroyan Partners Graduate of 2016

“Happy birthday, KP! A very homie, challenging and adventurous workplace I’ve ever had. Hopefully, in these 15 years, KP will always be successful and become a prominent public affairs company in Indonesia. God Bless!”
Azis Fasya, Kiroyan Partners Graduate of 2018.

“Happy Anniversary, KP! A one-of-a-kind workplace that has helped me grow professionally and personally. Best of all, I got to know, learn, work and celebrate together lots of exciting things with an awesome group of talented and humble people but proud of their work contributing to public affairs in Indonesia. Wishing KP and the team greater things ahead!”
Mardian Marsono, Kiroyan Partners Graduate of 2019.

“I wish nothing but all the best for Kiroyan Partners. Keep on being the common sense amidst the industry’s platitudes and stick to the fundamentals as always.”
Meizar Ahmad Assiry, Kiroyan Partners Graduate of 2019.

“Happy Birthday KP and congratulations to the KP team! So proud of witnessing your journey and seeing where you are today. Wishing you many more years of accomplishment and growth. Keep on being an inspiration to others with your teamwork and strong principles!”
Anton Rizki and Sri Manganti Hadi, Kiroyan Partners Graduate of 2019 and 2009

“KP is always committed to being on the right path, literally on every aspect of the work/office matters. Grateful that I had the chance to be in that, and I wish KP continues to be that way. Happy 15th anniversary to Kiroyan Partners!”
Okky Nur Irmanita, Kiroyan Partners Graduate of 2020.

“Happy 15th Anniversary, KP! Many wishes for future success. I’ll always be very proud and grateful for the experience of working with such an amazing and passionate team at KP.”
Noviana Nabila Sari, Kiroyan Partners Graduate of 2020.

“It has been a privilege to have worked and learnt together with such an amazing team at KP. Fly high KP Team!!”
Anggreka Michello Boelan Loebis, Kiroyan Partners Graduate of 2021.

“Happy anniversary, Kiroyan Partners! Thank you for all the great memories with KP, as it is my first professional workplace. KP has taught me so many things, not just for professional but also personal development. Wishing all the best to KP, hope KP can continue to promote and be the leader in promoting public affairs in Indonesia while inspiring many more young talents to understand and be actively involved in public affairs practices.”
Rahardhyani Dwiannisa, Kiroyan Partners Graduate of 2021.

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