Kiroyan Partners was enlisted by a multinational oil and gas exploration and production company in Thailand to assist the company in anticipating and preparing strategic decisions to face unfolding socio-political developments as a result of an oil spill incident. It was alleged that the oil spread into Indonesian waters and was eventually stopped three months later. This incident posed threat to the company’s reputation and operations, as it was blown out by local interest groups and the government demanding hefty financial compensations.

Our Approach
Kiroyan Partners launched a number of researches to verify facts and analyze the situation related to the oil spill incident through environmental scanning and social impact assessment. From the field research, it was found that the allegations were not true: locals reported that no oil spill reached the shores, while seaweed farmers and coral reef ecosystems appeared to be largely unaffected.

On the crisis communications side, Kiroyan Partners extensively provided advisory to the spokesperson and formulated a messaging strategy. We also carried out media relations activities to explain the facts to influential media outlets. These activities resulted in more balanced coverage of the incident and mitigate negative impacts on the client’s reputation

Over three years, Kiroyan Partners managed to provide an understanding of the local socio-political context and identified the stakeholders. Based on this identification, the company benefited from detailed recommendations outlining the priority level of stakeholders and possible courses of action to engage with them.

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