Rindo Saio

Rindo has long had an interest in social and political research. During his third year at the University of Indonesia, he worked as an assistant researcher on research projects at the Center for International Relation Studies (CIReS) and American Studies Center. He was a member of the Association of International Relations Students (HMHI) University of Indonesia, and led a team of editors in the publication of a biannual student bulletin. Rindo was actively involved in competitive debate, and was a semi-finalist in the International Humanitarian Law Debate in 2009, as well as Best Speaker in the University of Indonesia Debate Championship in 2008.

Before joining Kiroyan Partners’ consulting team as Consultant, Rindo worked as a research executive for Kiram Raslan Associate (KRA Group), where he helped clients develop stakeholder engagement strategy and offered in-depth insight on market entry, competitor analysis, and business strategy.


  • Bachelor of Political Science degree in International Relations, University of Indonesia, Depok, Indonesia

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