Inneke Suhanda

Inneke was born in Palembang but had moved to the capital since the early stage of childhood. She has always been interested in world politics and development cooperation. These interests have inspired her to pursue studies in this area, as well as learning more foreign languages. Besides Indonesian as her mother tongue, Inneke is confident in English and German, and she learns Spanish and Korean at the moment. She wrote about Security Sector Reform in Indonesia for her bachelor thesis, and about sustainability of national CSOs in cooperation with donor organizations for her master.

After obtaining her bachelor’s degree, Inneke worked for a German political foundation, the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) Indonesia. She was initially in charge of project implementation and research support, as well as trainings facilitation on administration and financial reporting for local partners. Following job promotion, she was involved in the organizational and budget planning and monitoring, program implementation and guidelines compliance supervising, and communication bridging between local partners in Indonesia and the German counterparts. In addition to coordination of the media program, she also assisted in the implementation of other programs, i.e.: democracy and media, trade union and social dialogue, SSR and conflict resolution programs.

From her master’s degree in Management for Non-Profit Organizations, Inneke has acquired deeper knowledge about strategic and project management, with specialization in development cooperation and non-profit sector. In 2015, Inneke returned to Indonesia initially to work at Kiroyan Partners as Project Officer for a project promoting Basic Education Minimum Service Standards (BE MSS). She is responsible not only in strategic planning, project implementation and budget management, but also contract management. She works to ensure the project implementation to be in line with the planning and contract. Furthermore, she translates the complex donor organization’s guidelines into practical language for the implementing partners. From this project, she has been gaining extensive experience in stakeholders’ management in the education sector in Indonesia, i.e. ministry officials, donor organization officers and project implementers in the field.

After working for around one and a half year, in August 2016, Inneke was promoted as Project Coordinator. After carrying out her role to coordinate the consulting team as well as projects management and implementation, she got another promotion in March 2017 to become the Operations Manager.


  • Master of Arts in Management for Non-Profit Organizations; University of Applied Sciences Osnabrueck, Osnabrueck, Germany (2012-2014) –on full scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Services (DAAD).
  • Bachelor of Political Sciences in International Relations; Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Parahyangan Catholic University, Bandung, Indonesia (2004-2008).

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