Consulting Team

Noke Kiroyan

Chief Consultant

Noke began his business career as a management trainee with Siemens AG, acquiring professional commercial and accounting qualifications as Industriekaufmann in Nuremberg, Germany, and ultimately reached the top executive position as President Director of the Indonesian subsidiary.

After 17 years with Siemens, Salim Group recruited him initially to oversee two chemical plants, at the Dutch-German border and in the former German Democratic Republic respectively, then transferred him to Melbourne, Australia as Group Representative before moving him to Dublin Ohio, to troubleshoot and expand the group's operations in the Americas.

Noke repatriated in 1997 as President Director of Rio Tinto Indonesia. He built up the company's reputation and initiated the resolution of long-standing issues with local communities in East Kalimantan. Subsequently he managed a world-class coal mine that was going through a challenging share divestment process amid the complexities introduced by the devolution of power to the regions. In 2005 he accepted the offer to become President Director of PT Newmont Pacific Nusantara.

Cross-cultural communication skills combined with multifaceted senior management experience and expertise in Indonesia and industrialized countries enables him to blend local knowledge with modern managerial know-how in devising business solutions requiring socio-cultural acumen. His good knowledge of English, German and Dutch facilitated his comprehension of different cultural contexts.

He graduated in Communication Science at Padjadjaran University in Bandung, Indonesia and Liberal Arts at Syracuse University in the United States, and has a post-graduate diploma in Business Administration from the Edinburgh Business School in the United Kingdom.